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I had the same problem with one toilet. I really didn't pay much attention to it for quite a few years. Then we did a major remodel and found that when they built the house they broke the toilet flange. Instead of fixing it right, they bought a mobile home style flange, chiseled off the existing flange, stuck the mobile home flange into the existing pipe and poured glue around the joint.
Mine Remodeler tells me that the toilet had been sucking air from the makeshift repair which didn't let the bowl water level rise to specs. He also said the toilet could have tipped over at any time. He replaced the entire pipe from the basement to the toilet and now the water level is fine.
Don't know who your contractor was but that makes aploselty no sense. I have also never seen a mobile home flange in the 50 years I have been in the plumbing business. Don't take this the wrong way the criticism is towards your contractor not you. What some contractors tell their costumers is beyond belief.