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    Default Trans planting a rose bush

    Last year my family and I moved into a new house. They had roses at the end of the driveway. As a result of all of the snow in the north east they have been damaged by either the plow of the 4 feet snow piles they were buried under. I am planning on transplanting them to a new area of the yard were they can florish more. Is early spring the best time to transplant them. Also if I have a couple of them, how far apart should they be planted from each other. Each bush is currently about 2- to 3 feet tall with 3 to 5 canes each?


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    Default Re: Trans planting a rose bush

    I've transplanted roses in the fall and they survived, but I live in the west. Roses are hardy and they can survive transplanting. They love and need sun.
    First I cut off all branches to 6"-9" and prepared a large hole where the plant was going to. then I dug the plant out with as much dirt around it as I could, making sure to save as much of the root system as possible. I put some planting mix in the new hole, placed the rose plant in and filled in good soil, manure and dirt mix. lastly, I fed it some vitamin B for plants (follow the instructuions).

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    Default Re: Trans planting a rose bush

    As long as you maintain a good root ball you shouldn't have too much trouble. I too live in the west where it's not quite so cold and have moved roses in the dead of summer, knocking most of the root ball off in the transplant and STILL was able to salvage most of the roses. The moronic previous owner made hedges along a walkway with miniature roses planted inches apart. When I relandscaped I moved all the roses to the backyard - all 30 of them and didn't lose one.

    Typically you want to move roses when they're dormant, but as long as the plant is healthy before the move and well cared for after the move, you shouldn't have any problems. When you move the plant, shade it from heat and direct sun for a while and keep it moist.
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