I just watched the Ask This Old House episode titled "Container Gardening; Installing Rooftop Antennas" on DIY Network. I was very shocked to see them connecting an antenna ground wire to a ground rod installed right next to a gas meter. THIS IS NOT A GOOD IDEA! Being a ham radio operator, I think I know a little bit about antennas. You never want to put a ground rod next to the gas meter. The purpose of the antenna ground is to dissipate any possible lightning strikes. I hope everyone can see the fallacy of this if there is any kind of a weakness or damage existing at the gas meter. This is a disaster in the making. I hope this gets corrected on a future show.

I tried to post this as a Tip, but the link for the Tip button is apparently broken. When I click on the Tip button, nothing happens.

Dave Marshall
New Carlisle OH