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    Default Green materials you actually use

    Instead of another "green your home with CFLs, low-flow aerators, etc." article, how about green materials you will actually use and need?

    Instead of MDF/plywood with formaldehyde glues, what is READILY available? (By "readily available" I mean don't tell me to buy a truck load of plyboo if all I want is to build a small cabinet.)

    Instead of insulation with formaldehyde, what is available, and why is using fiberglass batts typically a bad idea? (I have yet to see batts installed properly outside of a lab setting.)

    Which caulks are low-VOC and actually work? Adhesives?

    I obviously pay attention to these things and have read more "Green your home" type articles than I care to mention, none of which address the above. I want to know what is really available and what really works.
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