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    Default Popcorn ceiling Patch

    Plumber cut 12 inch square hole in ceiling to patch pipe.The piece cutout was neatly cut and went right back in hole after I put board in above the drywall for support.Problem is matching popcorn over the lines where the cut was made.I tried to put filler in the lines but looks a little bulky. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Popcorn ceiling Patch

    The area of the patch must the texture completely removed. The joints need to be taped and topped with either fiber or paper tape and drywall compound. Finally, the patch is then retextured with some over-spraying of the surrounding area to blend in the patch. If the ceilings are old or dirty, you're going to have a "clean" spot at the new patch no matter what you do. Your two options are to respray the entire ceiling or to paint it.
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    Default Re: Popcorn ceiling Patch

    to add to spruce's response....you can buy a can of spray on popcorn at your local home center for about $6-$7 for after you tape and mud the seams.

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    Default Re: Popcorn ceiling Patch

    I like the "Spray-popcorn".
    Ya gotta move quick when that nozzle is pushed!!!
    * When the mud is dry, AND sanding is done, wipe off all dust with a damp sponge. Let dry a couple hours.
    * Spray-prime the area & let dry. I'd use the 1-2-3 spray primer, or one of the verical-spray primers.
    * Now your texture will hold well!
    * Keep tip ~ 2' from the ceiling, and have your hand moving when nozzle is activated!

    B4 using any of the sprays, lightly tape up a clear "tent" of painters-plastic, and leave/cut a hole for your hand/spray-can. Give your arm room to move within this upside-down tent. Oversprays/drifts will then be contained in this tent!
    * If texture-lumps are slightly too heavy, you can sponge some off. Use light/pouncing motions with a sponge.
    * If it's just too heavy, scr@pe it off and shoot again!
    * Because it's thick, the texture will need to dry a full day b4 further painting.
    * Definitely agreeing with A.Spruce...just plan on re-painting the whole ceiling! Unless it's only a utility room????


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