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    Gas hot water heater was replaced, There is a howling sound in the pipes, when filling the tub, and there doesn't seem to be as much hot water as there should be, not enough to fill std bathtub temp on heater is turned up higher than it should be. Air in pipes, or water heater????

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    It sounds like the washer in the shutoff valve may have deteriorated can fallen off the stem. That will cause the type of problems you describe. Shut the water off and disassemble the shutoff.

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    Repairs to plumbing always dislodges crud, rust, and all manner of gunk and sending it further down the line. When the hot water tank was replaced, the lines hsould have been flushed making sure the screens at the faucets were removed before turning the water back on.

    Go back and flush the lines. You might have gunk caught in the valves as well. Don't forget to check the clothes washer hose and the dishwasher hose (that will be a pita)

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