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    Default Rusted Out Support Pole

    I have a steel pole in my garage that helps support the 20 by 20 foot room above it. The problem is that the hollow steel pole is about 75% rusted out at the bottom and it is set into the garage floor. My question is how is it best to replace? Cut it off at the floor and bolt the new one on top of the floor or remove a section of concrete and either set the new one either into the concrete or on top? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Rusted Out Support Pole

    The advantage of cementing the pole into the ground is 1- its cheaper when building the house and 2- if you hit it with your car its less likely to move. But 3- its more $ to replace.

    1- Support the load above properly with floor jacks
    2- Remove the old pole and fill the hole with hydraulic cement
    3- Using a core drill, make new holes in the slab for the anchor bolts which hold the new pole in place.
    4- Install new pole.

    Getting the old pole out of the slab will be more of a chore, and will require the temporary supports remain in place while the concrete around the new pole fully cures enough to carry the load.

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    Default Re: Rusted Out Support Pole

    on thing that houston forgot to mention, i think, is that the you have to make sure that the pole is siting on a proper footing. i would remove the old pole and check if there is cement below and get an idea of how thick it is. you can do that by drilling a hole with a masonry bit below the garage floor slab where you took the pole from. if you don't have a footing or if you dril down only a few inches and determine that the footing is only a few inches thick, then you would have to cut out a 2' x 2' square from the garage slab, dig down 2' and pout a new footing which you can make level with the garage floor. then you can secure your laly column to that, and you should get one that is cement filled, not hollow.

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