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    Default Shimmed floor joists...

    I have the opportunity to acquire an old 3000 sq/ft 2 story farm house and move it to a new location with a new crawl space foundation. Anyways, when checking out the structure in the basement, I noticed that the majority of the floor joists have shims between the floor boards and top of the joists. The house was built back in the 1920's and the brick foundation has seen its better days. I'm assuming the previous owners added these shims accordingly due to them sagging from the foundering foundation. My biggest question is if I move this house and set it on a new foundation, how will those shims affect the integrity of the house? i.e. floor, walls, doors, etc... What resolutions do I have?


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    Default Re: Shimmed floor joists...

    the shims under the joists is probably more to do with using joists that weren't a uniform dimension. so they shimmed them to keep the floor flat.

    i run into it all the time when renovating much older homes where studs, joists and rafter stock varies up to 3/8" from one to the next
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