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    Default How do you store electrical energy from the source?

    What type of device will allow you to put electrical energy from the electrical source to a battery? Let's take an example that you are probably familar with-the fur and rod example. If I rub the two together I get an electrical charge. Now, what would I attach to the rod and fur and what device would be able to put that electrical energy into a battery?
    Example 2-How do you store the energy that is being made from a mechanical device? If you know of specific products please list them.

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    Default Re: How do you store electrical energy from the source?

    Your first example , the rod and fur, produces static electricity which transfers at a sudden rate rather the a slow charging rate. Such a charge can be stored in a capacitor, or in the fur until it is transfered. Batteries are not made to take this type of high voltage low current sudden jolt.

    For mechanical means I'm guessing you mean a generator or alternator. A generator produces DC voltage that can be applied directly to a battery or capacitor to charge the battery or capacitor. An alternator produces AC voltage which can be converted to DC with the use of a bridge rectifier and then applied to a battery or capacitor.

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    Default Re: How do you store electrical energy from the source?

    Jack stated the practical methods now in use.

    But, I get the feeling you're trying to harness lightning bolts, which could either make you very rich or very dead.

    Many have been killed trying to duplicate Ben Franklins kite trick.

    Good Luck from Columbiana, Alabama
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