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    Question Banging noise cast iron baseboard heaters

    How do I get rid of the banging noise from my cast iron baseboard heaters?

    My home was built in 1967 I don't know if the heating system is original. Its baseboard cast-iron in the winter, when it very cold and we raise the temperature, throughout the night, it makes him loud banging noise. The plumber said there is no air in the system & the boiler is not overheating, nothing can be done. I'm hoping someone can help me, because we would like to sleep better at night.

    Thank you Rudy

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    Default Re: Banging noise cast iron baseboard heaters


    Could you post back to verify if you have a cast iron hot water heating system or a cast iron steam heating system.

    When you speak of "no air" you seem to infer you have a hot water system---this would indicate expansion noise at the brackets holding the cast iron baseboard or the riser holes going thru the floor down to the boiler piping.

    Please post back.

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    Default Re: Banging noise cast iron baseboard heaters

    nashuatech, i was thinking the same thing, is it possible that his expansion tank has a broken bladder or isn't working properly?

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