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    Default Using Granite & Ordinary Floor Tile

    Hello! I'm repairing my bathroom and I was a little confused what am I going to use for my bathroom floor a granite or just an ordinary floor tile. So, I'm posting this because I wanna hear from you guys what would be your suggestions on this. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Using Granite & Ordinary Floor Tile

    i've seen both but the main thing to keep in mind is that granite can stain with soap, shampoo, toothpaste, some womens items such as some makeups, hairspray, etc. other than that problem you can use either, also, marble can stain relatively easily also and i've seen it in alot of bathrooms too.

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    Default Re: Using Granite & Ordinary Floor Tile

    I have granite in my bathroom and its as maintenance free as you can get. Natural stones do require a floor deflection of L720 or greater which is double that required for ceramic / porcelain tile.

    What is the substrate you are working with? If you have wood framing, then I suggest you get more information over at the John Bridge Tile Forum. They have a deflection calculator to help you figure out if your floor can handle tile, be it ceramic or any natural stone.

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