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    I live in a condo and receive free hot water. I want to install a bathroom towel warmer to dry towels and heat my small bathroom. Is there a thermostat valve to control temperature? The exiting water will go down the drain and not back to the water heater. should I add a valve at water exit end to slow the exit flow? and maybe control temperature.



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    I can't think of any practical way to accomplish what you describe.

    Towel warmers are widely used in bathrooms for those who have hot water heating, but in those cases the towel warmer is tied into the hot water heating system, which circulates hot water by a circulator or pump from a boiler.

    There are covenants you signed with the condo builders that usually specify how modifications to the heating system or hot water taps will be handled.

    Who would pay for a modification to the heating system, such as a towel warmer???

    Could you provide more info as to what kind of heating system you have (forced hot water, etc.) & if you would be able to tap into the heating system to add more heat to the bathroom.

    What radiators or heating elements are in the bathroom now & are they working???

    Could you provide the square footage of the bathroom (Length X width) & the height of the ceilings.
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