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    Default basement moisture seal

    I have a stone mortar foundation with concrete floor (not floating). The walls and floor were painted/coated with many layers of thick paint or sealer by the previous owners. The basement does not leak or flood, but the floors and walls show signs of moisture. The surface is stained and flaking off because of the moisture. If something is placed directly on the floor, a significant amount of water collects under it in a 24 hour period despite the many coats. The thick coats of paint/sealer, dust and dirt make it almost impossible to clean and prep properly. Is there something that I can seal the surfaces with that doesn't require the removal of the old paint? I'd like to use something that sticks well, blocks moisture, prevents further flaking, and has a uniform look. Drylok doesn't seem to do the trick. Any suggestions w=or advice welcomed.

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    i have the same problem but my walls in my basement are brick and my floor is the same way. i went and bought a neddlee scaler and is removeing the layers of paint and stuff on it that is the only way i can think of fixing it. it is to get down the a clean surface . I am heard of a product called Sanitred it is a 3 step job but willing to try it. I have about 1/4 of my basement walls scaled it is a messy , dusty mess but it is the only way i can think of doing it .

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    Would power washing help? Try the rotary head. Wear goggles.

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