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    Default marmoleum checkerboard

    We are considering putting in marmoleum - forbo's brand of linoleum - into our 1918 foursquare. It's hard to decide on colors. Has anyone put in a checkerboard floor, and what 2 colors did you use? If it was marmoleum, how have you liked it?

    We've heard black and white squares are tough to keep clean, even though they look great, so looking for other cool options.

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    I don't think B&W Marmoleum would be tough to keep clean, because the Marmoleum tiles are not solid colors--they're more mottled. A uniform pure white and uniform pure black would be hard to keep looking clean, because one toast crumb would be immediately visible, but with mottled patterns like Marmoleum has I don't think that would be an issue.

    I've seen some red and ivory Marmoleum checkerboard floors that were very pretty. Also green and ivory.

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