I want a panel that say fits into a box to be sealed at the edges from splash.

In effect, I want to put some non-liquid silicone or other rubber molding on the edge of a 1/16" panel. It butts into the other like a "T" (the panel is the "I" part of the "T")

Alternatively it can be just silicone or rubber that goes at the edge of this panel and is soft or "hits" the other 1/16 or 1/8 inch away but can bend.

another way might be to have a 3 dimentional O-ring that has a cross section that looks like a figure "8" (I can pinch between the panel edge and the side of the box.

I'd like it to be light beige or secondly it could be translusent white like silicone. I would probably pay like a dollar a foot if it was good.

Thanks (or where I might look for it on the web is good)