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Thread: Heating and ac

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    Default Heating and ac

    I just built a room addition 20x30. 2 floors basement half in ground upstairs is master bedroom. I have been geting bids for havac some say 2 systems others say redo exsiting system.

    My question is which is better 2 systems or 1 system.

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    I don't know the entire layout of you home but the least your going to have to do is have your old Heat and A/C replaced. I doubt what you have now will carry the additional load, as for what should be done it's hard to say without seeing what you have. If you have two systems installed it's almost as if it's zoned and in the long run you could save money. Also remember that with one System it will be working very hard to get the air to where it's supposed to be going. As I said it's hard to tell you what you should have without seeing the layout of your house. Good Luck

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    Default Re: Heating and ac

    I agree with Sten---could you provide us with additional info as to the type of heat/ac you have now, forced hot air forced hot water, etc.----and which type of system would you prefer??

    What is the total square footage of the building now, and what is the btu/hour rating of your furnace (usually on the nameplate of the furnace)??

    Do you have a natural gas line coming into the house??
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