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    Default Guest editor -- making an Old House Green

    I would like to see a section with information on how to make "green" improvements to an Old House yet staying within existing parameters of style and appearance. What are the best green improvements to start with. Which green improvement can be made by the DIYer.

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    Default Re: Guest editor -- making an Old House Green

    Number 1 on the list is insulation. Most old houses either don't have any, very little or what they do have is old and no longer very effective. Start in the attic. This is usually very easy and cheap to do.

    Number 2 replace old, drafty windows and doors. These are big energy wasters and replacing them can make a home more comfortable and energy efficient.

    Number 3 consider replacing old heaters and air conditioning with more energy efficient units. Or just maintain old units so they operate at the peak of their efficiency. Change air filters on a regular schedule.

    Number 4 replace old screens and repair old windows to allow them to be used to take advantage of mild weather and so not use cooling units on days when it is not hot and a cool breeze would suffice to make the house comfortable.

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