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    Default Gap at Bottom of Siding B/T Foundation

    Hi All, many of you may also have this problem. I searched the forum first so I apologize if this has already been posted but I have about a 2" gap between the bottom of the aluminum siding and the concrete foundation. I can look up there and see the wood sheets behind the siding. I saw on a home improvement show to spray foam seal this gap but I'm hesitant because I don't want to seal in moisture and cause mold or something. But I'd like to seal it so critters don't get in. Any thoughts?

    I tried to post a picture but I don't have enough posts yet to qualify to post a picture. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Gap at Bottom of Siding B/T Foundation

    Can you do us a favor and check other places around the house?

    I am going to guess that at some point there is no gap. There is a reason, ok well not a decent reason, more like a poor excuse for this;

    Your slab is crooked. The siding guys were concientious and found the lowest spot to start. That is the spot where there will be no gap. The siding guys installed the siding properly by making it level all the way around your house so that when they got back to where they started, the lines matched up.

    As long as water isn't splashing up into that area, leave it alone. It allows your siding to breathe. You can lightly stuff some fiberglass insulation to block the critters if you find you can't sleep at night.
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