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    Default Removing and installing new tape on wall board

    I have some areas on the ceiling where the tape is loose and pealing from the drywall and I want to repair those areas. After I remove the loose tape, what materials should I use to re-tape the drywall?


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    Default Re: Removing and installing new tape on wall board

    Paper drywall tape, drywall joint compound, and drywall topping compound.

    Cut a new piece of tape the desired length.
    Smooth a 1/8" thick layer of joint compound along the seam
    Set the tape into the joint compound
    Using a 6" drywall knife, press firmly and stroke to press out the excess joint compound.
    Apply a thin top coat of joint compound and allow to dry
    knock off any ridges of bumps with the edge of your drywall knife and apply a thin layer of topping compound.
    Repeat layers of topping compound until the joint is smooth and flush to the surrounding surfaces.
    When fully dry, lightly sand to blend joint in with ceiling
    Apply two coats of primer.
    Apply two coats of paint.
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