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    Default Tub valve disconnected

    I can no longer use the knob in my tub to raise or lower it to stop or drain the water. I have to put something on the knob right now so the water drains (albeit it very very slowly). It there an easy way to fix this problem? Can I just unscrew the two screws where the knob is or is it more complicated than that? I am totally unfamiliar with any plumbing problem, would like to learn and am eager to do this myself. Thanks for any input I receive.

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    Default Re: Tub valve disconnected

    undo the two screws and pull up the stopper. it's attached to usually a metal or plastic rod and the stopper hangs from the bottom of it. watch this youtube video and it should cover what you have. you can get a replacement stopper at home depot or lowes for about $10

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