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Thread: Copper to PVC

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    I have a new bathtub installed, and I am trying to connect the plumbing underneath. The current setup is a copper 1.5" ptrap with some threading on the end.

    I went to Lowes, and found a PVC fitting that would screw into that. I just want to know if I screw it in and done, or if I need to apply an o-ring or glue or something to get it going.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Teflon tape. If you can find the stuff in the pink roll, it is thicker than the regular stuff and is less likely to tear apart on the threads.

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    Default Re: Copper to PVC

    there is an O-ring that goes around the pvc pipe and sits under the nut. that O-ring gives you your water tight seal. make sure the O-ring, the tapered part, is facing down into the trap. no teflon tape is needed at all on the connection.

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