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Thread: Watering lawn

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    Unhappy Watering lawn

    I have a big oak or maple tree in rea yard.
    It seems to have many root cluster going threw the yard.
    Most of the yard has fairly good grass, however every year (past 4-5), I have tryed to grow new, seed over old, new loam some places, fast grow, sun/shade, and contractors blend.
    Stater ferlilizer, additional fertillizer, followed growing instructions.
    It seems to take a large amout of watering in some areas
    and still not get desired results.
    what am I doing wrong?


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    Default Re: Watering lawn

    The tree is probably shading the ground too much for grass to grow. I've got the same problem in my back yard, and it's all due to lack of sunlight getting to the ground.

    You can have the canopy of the tree(s ) thinned which will help greatly.
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