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    I currently have a low level cedar deck on the back of my house and would like to replace a window with a doorwall for better access to the yard. How do I add just the stairs over the existing deck for access with the new doorwall?

    The yard is sloped and the entire lenght of the house deck makes the yard very accessable. I don't want to tear our or replace the current deck. Thanks for any help/plan suggestions.

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    How high off the deck is the new door going to be?
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    its not that big a deal, the only thing you have to pull apart on the existing deck is the handrail and the section of lattice or skirting directly below that section of rail. from there you build your stairs as usual . if you want to make hte stairs not as wide as between posts youll have to add 2 posts to maintain safety. all in all a days project if that
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    If the deck is ground level and depending proximity to where the new doorway will be --- it may be simple as jkirk said.
    The staircase may be able to rest on the existing deck and depending on structure the landing structure at the top may also be able to rest on the deck.

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