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    Default Heat Pump Does Not Start

    I have a Goodman electrical furnace and heat pump, less than a year old, and I was told the heat pump was my primary heat source until it was too cold then my electric furnace would kick in and help the heat pump. But when the temp goes below 32 the heat pump does not work but the electric furance still does.

    My question is shouldn't the heat pump run no matter what temperature it is and the electric furnace should only kick in when the heat pump can't provide enough heat?

    If the heat pump doesn't run below 32 what is the defrost mode used for in the heat pump.

    Someone suggest that there might not be enough freon in the system.

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    Default Re: Heat Pump Does Not Start

    Howdy heat pumps should work until temp drops below 22*. Have whom installed it come an service it- under warrranty...

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    Default Re: Heat Pump Does Not Start

    Goodmans have a fossil fuel kit and a temp control inside the Heat Pump and these can be set for the off temp. you want. We set them for 32 degrees but as I said you can set them for a lower Temp. but they aren't as efficient. Have the Installer come out and change the setting for you. Good Luck!!!

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