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    Default Tile over a solid surface surround

    I have a solid surface surround in my shower and around the tub and am wondering, since it is a sound solid surface, can I put ceramic tile or stone over the top of it and have a good bond? I would like to not tear it down and then have to put up hardiboard, a membrain and sealer before tiling. What do I need to do to make the tile stick to the solid surface material?

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    Default Re: Tile over a solid surface surround

    you will not get a good bond no matter what you use. take it apart and do it right from scratch and it will look better and last a good ling time.

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    Default Re: Tile over a solid surface surround

    His advice is correct. Cultured marble, solid surfacing are not approved substrates for tiling.

    When repairing your shower, the first thing to consider is which waterproofing method you want. That falls into two categories;

    1- A classic vinyl liner with CBU walls, waterproofed by a layer of 4 mil poly behind the CBU


    2- A surface applied membrane such as Kerdi or Hydroban

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