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    Default Laminate Wood Flooring with Humidifier Usage

    We have laminate wood flooring and dried, tongue and grove ceiling and walls in our basement, that are stained. Over 3yrs time, the finished tongue and grove, ceiling and walls, have shrunk to 1/2-inch gaps and twisted, in spots; not the flooring. Our humidity level is 20% in the winter and 40% in the summer; we live in Wisconsin. Will using a humidifier to put moisture back into the air for the ceiling and walls, damage our laminate wood floors? We do not have a problem with the laminaste floor contracting; only the finished, tongue and grove, ceiling and walls.
    Our main question: Will using a humidifier RUIN our Laminate Wood Floors?
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    Default Re: Laminate Wood Flooring with Humidifier Usage

    It depends on how much moisture you are introducing. It doesn't seem like the moisture levels are abnormal now, so adding more may increase it to an unacceptable level. You may want to research whether the problem with your ceiling and walls can be fixed by adding the humidifier. It may be something else, like being constructed when the wood was green or just not acclimated properly.


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