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    Default Residue Precipitating from wood between stain and poly

    I have been been refininshing 30-year old wood (pine)trim in my home. I sanded off the dark finish to bare wood. The finish was moderately difficult to remove. I then stained with a natural colored stain. Before I could apply a polyurethane I had a white residue precipitate out of the wood. It is slightly crystalline and powdery looking, much like a carbonate mineral. I have tried several removal products, mineral spirits, and more sanding. The sanding seems most effective, however, it gums up paper very rapidly. Does anyone know what this may be?

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    Default Re: Residue Precipitating from wood between stain and poly

    Hello JAH,

    You mentioned use of some "removal products".
    Which ones?
    * Many require a neutralizing step, and/or rinse.
    * This is the most likely cause...double-check the instructions.
    * Was the stain itself water-based or Oil?
    * How 'bout the actual Poly? H20 or Oil....


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