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    Default Home heater says recycle?

    We have a oil heated home. Yesterday I was confused when it was really cold in the house, so I went out to check the heater and there was a blinking light. When the light blinks 2 seconds apart it says recycle. We dont have a manual, so I was wondering if you knew what that means!? I had to shut it off and restart it to get the flame going again.... I didnt know what else to do.

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    Default Re: Home heater says recycle?

    Could you go down to the control on the furnace/boiler that has the blinking light and copy the name of the control and its model number and post back what you have.

    Is the blinking light amber, red, green, or some other color?

    On most systems blinking lites with "recycle" indicates a flame failure (due possibly to an air leak in the oil line, or no hi voltage in the ignition circuit).

    The control is usually made by Honeywell, Carlin, White-Rodgers or similar mfg, is known as a primary control & and has a model number.

    We can then tell you what the blinking light code means.
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