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    Default Light goes off then come back on.

    I have a bathroom light fixture that when is is on too long it will go out. About 15 minutes later it comes back on. Any ideas why?


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    Default Re: Light goes off then come back on.

    Built in thermal switch. Could be not enough clearance for heat dissipation or a to high a wattage bulb.

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    Default Re: Light goes off then come back on.

    Right on Jack. The weidest example of this was was in the ceiling of a large church we wired. The preacher called me and said during his sermons the lights would come on and go off at random.

    I asked if the church was getting hot but he said no. But he called in the HVAC guys and 5 out 10 units had leaked their refrigerant because the lines weren't supported properly at the factory.

    They had so much overkill on their cooling that the church still felt cool.

    Soon as they fixed the AC the lights quit cycling.

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    Default Re: Light goes off then come back on.

    Is the bulb too large a wattage for the fixture?

    Did you add or move any insulation above the fixture?

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