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    Default support posts for small, low-to-ground deck

    Am planning to build small, 8 x 12' deck off an existing 3 X 15' concrete front "stoop" (am basically extending "out" the sitting area). Planning to use composite decking to cover over existing concrete and extend out 8'.

    Was recently watching a "building" show on HGTV and I swear I heard the guy in the show say one doesn't need to install concrete piers if the deck is less than 2 feet off the ground. In the show he used some pea stone to leveled out area, put down some concrete pavers, and built deck structure on top of them. Show is filmed in Canada so they get cold weather & frost. I thought one needed to dig down @ least 4' and pour concrete piers?

    Would certainly make life easier (and cheaper) if I could build w/o front piers.

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    Default Re: support posts for small, low-to-ground deck

    that info is out of date actually,

    code use to state that you could set a deck on pavers and deck blocks if it was less than a given height AND it isnt connected to the house, meaning the ledger not mechanically fastened. as the frost heave action will lift the deck so much to pull the deck away from the house. However after Hurricane Juan hit in 2003 the codes changed because many decks built that way actually blew over or away.

    you can build a deck on grade, meaning grade the yard with 3/4" stone then build the floor frame and simply set it on the ground. this is fine and still gets done. the only extra precation i would take is to drive some galvanized rebar or stakes into the ground within the frame of it so to keep it from shifting around while building it and during the cold season
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