First off I am a pretty handy guy and can do my own plumbing and repairs for my new home, when I get one. I am looking at a home purchase and have not found that house that says home yet.

I have found several sites that recommend a sewer line inspection using a camera but these are going to be about $300 and up in cost for a plumber to come out and perform. I have found camera setups for about $400-$700 on the internet, yes cheap but they seem pretty decent for the light use I would put them through.

If I could purchase one for that $400 to $700 and have it on hand for future use, neighbors borrowing it and such would this be a better investment than having a plumber do it. Even if I did get the first home I used it on I feel it might be a better investment than having a plumber do it. If I did not get the home I first made an offer on and used it on the next one then I would end up saving on the second home I use it on.

I do understand what I need to be looking for and such through having watched a plumber do this on the home I am currently renting as well as the usual knowing what plumbing is from working on my own plumbing. I can also get advice from the internet and such and I do understand that a professional will know more but I can also see what things look like to help me in my home purchase decision.

You get the idea, what are your thoughts. Should I purchase a sewer camera system for less than $700 and always have it available for my own use or just go the plumber route?