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    Default Widening Door Frame

    I have a handicapped daughter and we recently received a lift to put her in her bed, wheelchair, bathtub, etc. Unfortunately, we did not think to measure the lift and it does not fit in the doorways. My husband had to take it apart to even get it into our house. Are we able to widen the doorways to use it? This device is crucial for both my safety in lifting as well as my daughters. If I could use this lift then she will be able to live with us for a long time. Please help

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    Default Re: Widening Door Frame

    so you want to switch to a larger entrance door? it can be done. i would first check with the local window and door suppliers as to what the largest standard door size they can make is, if that wont work you may want to go with a french door where both doors will open or even a large commercial grade door. its just a matter of stripping back the siding on the outside of the door and removing some drywall. from there the old door can come out then reframe the opening for the new door. then put things back together. all in all a 2 or 3 day job depending on the new door and what the exterior finish is. then patching the drywall then putting up some new trim
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    Default Re: Widening Door Frame

    The interior doors are handled pretty much the same way, pull back the drywall and get at the framing. If the interior wall is load bearing, then a few more steps are necessary. Since you need several done at the same time, it will be much faster to hire a professional to do all the work at the same time.

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