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    Default A/C Supply Duct Leaks

    I am nearly ready to hang drywall in the basement. However, the past two summers, I have had a problem with water leaking from the cold air supply duct in the same place (at a point where two 90's are connected together). The water soaks the insulation and then drips steadly. How can I eliminate this (before I hang the drywall)?

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    Default Re: A/C Supply Duct Leaks

    If your hanging sheetrock and covering the supplies you shouldn't have to insulate them, the space there in will cool enough so that they shouldn't sweat. This also depends on the area, if a supply run is in an attic then it has to be insulated because the area is to great and won't cool. If the supply is in a wall it will be OK with out insulating it. You should still tape and seal to be sure there are no leaks. This also depends on if your running the supplies on an outside or inside wall, inside walls don't need to insulate them, outside walls you do. It will be more efficient if you keep the supplies in the inside walls.
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