I have a vintage kitchen sink, white porcelain over cast iron, single bowl, single drainboard, full apron on 3 sides, tall backsplash, wall mount. We use it in a seasonal cabin that has been in the family for 3 generations.
My plumber says that the drain area is deteriorating & that I'd need to get a new sink when that happens.
I think the plumber is just not familiar with vintage supply companies; when he replaced the faucet for my elderly mother years ago, he ordered one from a restaurant supply company.
The drain basket is deep and heavy, There is a small removable flat drain piece below the basket, that the basket will fit down on when turned to plug the drain. I think both items are brass.
The place in the drain that the flat drain piece seats on is deteriorating.
I have spent hours trying to find a replacement drain kit, but to no avail - lots of restoration/vintage sites, but replacement supplies are pretty much limited to bathroom fixtures.
Anyone out there have any idea where I might find what I need?
I do not want to give up this sink!