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Thread: ceiling fan ?

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    Default ceiling fan ?

    im trying to install a ceiling fan my last one fell there are two brown wires running from the ceiling witch cords do i wire together, the wires are run to a light switch

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    First, why did the fan fall and have you rectified that problem before trying to install a new one?

    You should have at least a black and a white wire at the box. The wire housing can yellow over time, but there should still be a discernible difference between the two wire colors. If you've got older knob and tube wiring, hire an electrician to make up the connections for you, they've got the right diagnostic equipment and expertise to install the fan correctly.
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    We need more info........"Brown cords"...hmmm

    Spruce somethings telling me there may be a swag chain and cord involved here that goes to a switched outlet.

    Cut it 3 times & it's still to short.
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