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    I need to put a door on my sons room, the archway is curved. I want to make sure i know what i am doing, or at least have a small idea of whati am doing, before i start. is it as simple as rounding the top of the door the same as the archway? or is it going to be more complex? any ideas? thanks

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    This is going to be a little more complex, depending on how much you want to make this door to look like a normally installed door.

    I'm assuming you have a drywalled archway. If that is the case, then you have no door jambs, casings or doorstops. These are parts of a standard doorway. The jambs are the wide boards at the 4 1/2" side of the average door opening, the casings are on either side of the wall overlapping the edge of the jamb boards. The Door stops do what their name implies, they stop the door from swinging too far.

    If you are lucky, you can locate a factory made door that will fit inside your opening. Without a pre-made door, you're into some advanced carpentry making curved custom moldings. The latter is excellent news if you are into buying a $$pile of really cool tools which would cost 3 or 4 times the price of buying a factory made door.

    If the opening is tall enough, can you square off the top by installing a rectangular (normal shaped) door and filler in the arch? That would be the cheapest option by far.

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    it can be done. you would need flexibile plywood to make the round portion of the jamb. and plenty of patience.

    you wont be able to use a hollow core door for the opening you would need a solid door and your best bet would be to use a slab not a door with a profile to it like a 6 panel. from there you can make your own trim with nothing more than a sheet of mdf, a router and a jig saw for the radius portion or you can get "rubber wood" from a trim supplier. big box stores dont dont carry rubber wood.

    but as mentioned, doing this sort of thing is best left to a professional. youll prob burn through a lot of material and money trying to do it yourself unless you have plenty of experience with high end trim
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    The chances of taking any standard rectangular door and cutting it into a round top is pretty slim without destroying the integrity of the door. Your best bet is to measure the opening and see if you can find a prehung round top door that will fit. Generally speaking it probably won't be cheap. The other possibility is to find a cabinet maker that can custom make a door to fit.
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