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    Default Help with driveway drainage

    When we moved into our house several years ago, we replaced the gravel driveway with asphalt. Our driveway slopes down from the street and dog legs right to the garage. But there is a strong grade from the garage door down to the end of the driveway where there is a dry well (about 4 deep by 6 feet in diameter), so water always flows nicely away from the house towards the dry well.

    In general the drainage is excellent across the entire property. I've never had water just enter through the foundation. But periods of excessive rain here in southern New England recently (like the 14+ inches of rain in March 2010 and the 5 feet or so of snow in winter 2011) leaves the dry well with standing water. If not pumped out there is the constant danger of overflowing into the garage and the rest of the house.

    Although we have tons of property where we could send emergency overflow from the well, the well is the lowest point for at least 150 feet or so. So a french drain or trench away from the well to some other area would be tricky because of the amount of excavation needed.

    What would be my options? Is an emergency drain/trench the way to go? Would a larger dry well or a second dry well do any good?

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    Default Re: Help with driveway drainage

    From your description a larger well or french drain wouldn't work either. Seems like you are looking at installing 150' of pipe and/or a sump pump that turns itself on only when the water gets too deep.

    If the surrounding soil is saturated, the water will only run backwards into the well / french drain.

    150' can be a challenge in rocky soil, but a trenching machine should make the job a lot easier.

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