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    Default Copper through joists.

    I have a baseboard hot water/boiler heating system in my house. There is a section of copper / heatfins that come down that I want to remove. It is 3/4" copper.

    To do this, I would like to run the copper perpendicularly through the joists. My question would be the best way to do that.

    Could I use flexible PEX and sharkbite it to the copper? Would the hot water compromise the fortitude of the PEX?

    My initial though was to sweat several 20" pieces which I really, really do not want to do.

    I could also run this underneath the joists, up against the wall, and notch the upper corner of the framing that will go in.

    Thanks for the help!

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    Default Re: Copper through joists.

    Sharkbites are sealed with O rings that will not hold up to the water temperature used for hot water baseboard systems. You can use Pex that is designed for hot water heat and use a Pex male with copper female to change over.

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    Default Re: Copper through joists.

    If you opt to run a new copper pipe under the joists, double check the notching code in your city so you don't overcut them.

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