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    Default Smokey Smelling Furniture

    I have a dresser that I got from my dad. Love the piece however it has been in a smokers home for many, many years. Is there a way to get rid of that smell. I really hope to be able to keep it. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Smokey Smelling Furniture

    I assume that there is some kind of varnished finish on the exterior. If this is the case, the exterior can be washed with a mild soap such as Murphy's Oil Soap. Your rags should turn nicotine red - yuck! However, the lingering odor will probably come from the interior unsealed wood surfaces and undersides of the drawers. These surfaces normally don't get finished , mainly because of manufacturing cost savings. You will want to paint these surfaces with clear shellac. Shellac is a terrific odor sealer and should seal in that smaking smell. It also leaves a nice patina and can be given a light sanding to leave it feeling smooth.

    Shellac is alcohol based. I would probably use an inexpensive brush and just throw it away after you're done. It is not cost effective for a homeowner to clean it out with relatively expensive de-natured alcohol.

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    Default Re: Smokey Smelling Furniture

    Howdy, contact any fire / water restoration company ( most major carpet cleaning compaines do this type work) ask how much to ozone the item. They will d**** it in plastic or if they have an ozone room put it in and ozone breaks down the smoke molecules and 30 minutes later turns to oxygen. You are welcome...

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