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    Question Michigan Basement ?

    I am looking at purchasing a 100+ year old home in southwest Michigan. It has what they refer to as a "Michigan basement." It is very clean, no mold or mildew smell, and and has been VERY well maintained, especially for an unconditioned, enclosed space. My only concern was that there was a small amount of water that the owners and agent referred to as "seepage" from the melting snow. The small trickle of water flowed from the exterior steps into the basement to the sump pump. The floor has been concreted to slope in such a way that the water flows directly to the sump pump, which is in good working condition.

    The bottom-line question...IS THIS NORMAL/OK?!?!?!

    I would normally freak out about water in a basement, but this looks like it could be designed specifically for this purpose, but I just want to make sure before purchasing something that would be a major, costly problem.

    Any information or advice on this would be GREATLY appreciated.

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    Default Re: Michigan Basement ?

    If you have cement floor and cinder block walls, why not. My brother lives in a Tri level that has a Michigan basement and he uses it mostly for storage but my kids play down there all the time. The ceiling is low but not for the kids.

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