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    Default fluctuating water pressure

    We were having problems where the water pressure in our house fluctuated drastically from full speed to off entirely, and then back again We replaced the well tank, and now the pressure is what it should be, except every so often it just turns off for about a minute, and then turns back on. When this occurs, the pump is off and we just have to wait for it to come on. We have a 40-60 psi tank, and it reads 38psi when the pump is off and water is drained from the system. We tried adjusting the 2 screws on the pressure switch, but it did not solve the problem. Unfortunately the pressure gauge is bad on the line, but we can't change it because there is no shutoff between the line into the house and the placement of the gauge. We are hoping for advice on what else to check.

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    Default Re: fluctuating water pressure

    You may have a leak in the line to the pump. This allows the line to empty when the pump is not running. It take a few seconds to refill the line before water reaches the rest of the system.
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