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    Default 2nd floor bath exhaust fan.

    I have a 2nd floor bath exhaust fan that I have vented through a coiled dryer tube to a side wall in the attic.I believe the tube is leaking heat and moisture into my attic space...thus causing ice build up from and possible mold.My attic has a ridge vent and soffet vents.Also an attic fan.If I vent into a soffet (only 3 feet away) I would be putting heat into the soffet which would cause further ice build up above the soffet.
    Where and how do I vent?

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    Default Re: 2nd floor bath exhaust fan.

    Howdy, you could vent threw the soffit. I just did this expended the vant pipe a couple inches outside the soffit& put a critter screen cap on the end of the pipe . If you just vent into the soffit you are still putting moisture where you do not want it.

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