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    Default AC coils freeze repeatedly

    I have a 2000 square foot house with a 3 year old a/c unit-the main unit is outside and the air handler is in the garage. It leaks constantly,so much that it runs across the garage floor! We suction out the overflow pipe at least once a week. Worse the coils freeze constantly- every 3-4 months. When this happens it continues to run and won't shut off, but doesn't blow cold air. I have it serviced but no one can give me a straight answer as to why it does thisand can't seem to fix it for good.It's broken right now and I live in Florida- any advice? Thanks

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    Default Re: AC coils freeze repeatedly

    Just some things,usually freeze up has to do with improper charge of refridgerant or air flow or even the blower fan shutting down.

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    Default Re: AC coils freeze repeatedly

    To add to the previous likely mentions

    Dirty Coil


    Bad drier/filter

    Obstructed air flow at the condenser

    Unit tonnage not properly sized.
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