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    Default Strengthing studs to add cabinets

    We are looking to put up some pre-built cabinets to the garage (it is not finished - so the studs are exposed). However, each of the cabinets is 23 lbs and of course, once we start storing things in those, they will be even more heavy. I want to strengthen the studs before we finish the garage with drywall. What is the best way ?

    1. Should I add another another stud for every stud there is, or
    2. Should I add diagonal elements (like a truss)

    Which gives me most strength?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Default Re: Strengthing studs to add cabinets

    Strengthening studs shouldn't be necessary.
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    Default Re: Strengthing studs to add cabinets

    Its normal for cabinets to be hung from standard 24 or 16" oc stud spacing. Yours shouldn't need any help, as mentioned above.

    To make installation easier- you might want to add blocking inside the stud cavities where the top and bottom of the cabinets will go. This will give you a firm nailing surface no matter where you want to place your screws. Aiming for the studs is best though.

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