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    Default interior home problem

    i live in a colonial 2story home (17yrs) the home is 50 years old about 4months ago we started to see pertruding nails coming out the drywall in the ceilings and side walla all thru the house we have also noticed the joint tape moving out from the dry wall also we have heard loud banging noise in the addict (like someone banging on our front door) we have had 3 contractors come out thereis no moisture problem 2 contractors said it was the home settleing the other contractor said it was impossible for a home that old to settle like that does any one have and answer our next step is to get an engineer to look at the problem but they are very expensive please help if you can i am open for any suggestions thanks meat2220

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    Default Re: interior home problem

    Sounds like expansion and contraction of the structure, a normal happenstance during seasonal climate and humidity changes. This expansion and contraction works drywall nails loose, then as the drywall slips on the fasteners you hear squeaks and knocks.

    The cure would be to run a screw 2" away from all the nail pops you see, which will draw the sheetrock tight to the framing. Tap each nail with a hammer to reset them, then you'll have to fill all the new fastener and hammer marks. If seams have become exposed, retape those as necessary. Float the entire surface smooth, then retexture and repaint.
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    Default Re: interior home problem

    When driving the screws as mentioned above, be sure to press firmly on the drywall with your other hand before setting the screw. Don't depend upon the screw alone to pull the drywall into place.

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