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    Default Granite, Quartzite, Marble??? Which one is it?

    We are renovating a house and have fallen for white marble countertops. We have been told of the cons to doing this and had everyone we know tell us not to go down this road. We did some searches for alternatives and found White Fantasy Granite (also known as Super White, White America). When we went to our local stone shop they told us that it's not granite, it's still marble. Then they muddied the waters more by saying it's closer to quartzite (which is how they had it labeled in their computer system). We are totally confused now and don't know who to believe. They claimed that if you seal it everything will be okay and it won't stain (I'm not buying it...). Does anyone know what this material really is, how do we authenticate it, and who's correct? Also, if this is just another marble, do you have any suggestions for non-marble alternatives? Everyone talks about quartzite being strong/harder than granite but I don't see anyone selling it. We've done searches and tried to educate ourselves but it's not helping. Thanks.
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