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    Default Staining cedar home

    I have a cedar home that is finished with Sikken's Cetol 1 & 23 plus. It's in need of restaining and my wife insist that we need to sand the exterior walls down to the bare wood. I think that compromises the protection of multiple coats and think we should only lightly sand where the finish is a bit bare, spot treat those bare areas with the base coat (Cetol 1) and then apply a maintenace coat to the entire wall with the 23 plus. Her concern is that the color will become darker than she would like with multiple coats. Any suggestions or am I doomed to sanding the entire wall?

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    Default Re: Staining cedar home

    Hey DP!

    We go thru a lot of Sikkens up here. The hard part is telling people that yes, the color will get a little darker with each maintenance coat. It's just the way it is.

    Yes, sand weakened finish slightly...ONLY to the point where it's sound again.
    * If bare areas are small, you can get by with a thin coat of 23+.
    Followed by the maint.-coat of 23+ on all.
    * If bare-wood areas are larger, then use a light coat of the Cetol 1. Then a light spot-coat of 23+. Then the whole maint.-coat of 23+ over everything.
    * Will color ever be perfectly even again...maybe not. BUT...the alternative is FAR worse.

    THE WHOLE KEY to this system is staying on top of, and AHEAD OF...surface damages BEFORE they compromise the whole film.
    THAT'S when it gets tricky, as you're finding out...


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    Default Re: Staining cedar home

    Thanks Faron, now I hope that will convince my better half that it is better to leave the previous coats for proper protection.

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