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    Default Sump Pump Location

    My house was built in 1959 without a sump pump. After being here a few years we are tired of the basement flooding when we get heavy sustained rain. This usually happens about 4 times a year. I have had 2 basement companies give me estimates and they were going to put a sump pump in a corner. I called a large local plumbing company who had done work for me in the past and they said to put the sump in the middle of my basement next to the floor drain because a drain pipe runs into it and there is no guarantee I have drain pipe around the perimeter. The location would not bother me but I was wondering if this makes sense to put it in the middle or a corner. When the basement floods the water does go towards the drain. Thanks for any feedback.

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    It really makes little difference where you put it. You will be pumping water from under the slab. Water will eventually make paths toward the pit from all sides.
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    If that's how it looks at your house, removal is easy. Just unplug it from the power, unfasten the coupling at the discharge pipe, then lift the old pump out. If there's something unusual about your installation you can turn installation over to a pro.

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