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    Default Looking for structural engineer

    Dear all,

    after installing an expensive interior footing drain, I'm still getting some water in my basement (the pump couldn't keep up with the quantity of water flowing in the drain).

    I'm now looking for a world-class structural engineer to come up with a proper solution. Any recommendation in the area of westchester, ny?


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    Default Re: Looking for structural engineer

    Consider a more powerful sum pump... Consider contacting you home owners insurance to see if they would direct you to a consulting engineer...
    Oh whom installed the drain tile did they happen to mention an engineer ?????????????

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    Default Re: Looking for structural engineer

    You're best to hire an Architect as lead consultant as the majority of the work will be architectural. You are better to appoint an Engineer as a sub-consultant as their portion of work is much smaller. Remember a large proportion of any development is design, planning, Building Regulations, details and co-ordination.

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