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    Cool diverter conversion?

    i have an old kohler diverter in my tub with valves on 8" centers. also , i`m dealing with a formica wall. is there a single handle diverter conversion out there that i can apply to my setup? these valves just don`t last long. i think it`s because the size of the handle is so large, it allows too much leverage to be place on the valve and it breaks down fast. thanks for anything
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    Default Re: diverter conversion?

    Do you have an access panel cut out on the backside of the shower wall to get to the shower valve itself. How are you planning on cutting out the old and put in the new? I under you said fomica wall. In a tub/shower enclosure - intereasting. You might want to consider udating the entire tub/shower enlosure. The last I understood, formica is for counter tops.

    Kohler is a good brand. You might want to try buying from a Plumbing Supply Store. The quality is better, but the price might be $10 more per fixture.

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    Default Re: diverter conversion?

    Two options I can think of off the top of my head. One is to locate a single handle valve that has an escutcheon plate large enough to cover the existing holes. Second is to replace the wet wall formica.

    As misfitter suggests, you'll need access to the plumbing to change out the valve, the best way to do that is through the tub side, unless you've got a closet on the other side of the wet wall that will give you access.
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